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Agromashresurs, OOO

History of Enterprise Agromashresurs, OOO

The Agromashresurs enterprise is created in 2000 as the unitary enterprise, and in 2006 is transformed to limited liability company.

Main stages of development:

  • in 2004 field tests of the product "Radian-3" are carried out. By results of tests decisions on a possibility of use of all-terrain vehicles on tires of ultralow pressure in agriculture, were made on undoubted prospects of this direction. But at the same time it was noted that the product "Radian-3" has to be radically remade;
  • in 2005 the specification on production of two samples of KAS "Dew-05" is developed and agreed in Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production of RB. Field tests are carried out, specifications are developed and coordinated, certified tests are begun;
  • in 2006 certified tests are ended, the certificate of quality and permission to production of a pilot batch from 20 products are received. Production of CD and ED in volume necessary for the organization of a mass production is continued. Acceptance tests are begun. Design installation works on the organization of production of small-scale production, necessary for implementation, were carried out;
  • in 2007-2008 certificates of quality and permission to production of a pilot batch from 100 products are received;
  • in 2008 acceptance tests on the products UESM-05 and OPSh-05 which are a part of KAS "Dew-05" are carried out and specifications on their serial assembly are signed;
  • in 2008 are begun acceptance tests of the product RMU-05 which is a part of KAS "Dew-05" by results of which are signed with TU on serial assembly of this product;
  • patents for the main knots of a product protecting the LLC Agromashresurs enterprise from possible repetitions by competitors of the technical solutions proposed by our enterprise in the territory of RB and also the Euroasian applications protecting the basic principle of introduction of doses of liquid preparations and appearance of a cabin in the territory of the CIS countries are taken out.

At the moment in the territory of Republic of Belarus, the countries of the FSU and beyond about 800 pieces of equipment are operated.



Historical reports of company Agromashresurs, OOO.