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Complex of agrotechnical means "DEW" - a number of light high-performance cars on elastic wheel propellers with tires covers of ultralow pressure.

Ultralow pressure upon the soil (to 0,016 MPas) allows to use these units on the slabonesushchy rehumidified soils and on fields with shoots of cultural plants in a kushcheniye phase without formation of a technological track. This property distinguishing cars of the DEW complex from traditional equipment allows to expand significantly the period of their annual employment, especially at the expense of earlier (for 2-3 weeks) the beginnings of spring field works and to reduce dependence of terms of carrying out agrotechnical actions on weather conditions.

The complex of agrotechnical means "DEW" is under construction by the modular principle. Cars of a complex of agrotekhnicheky means "DEW" are certified in National systems of compliance of Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation and are registered as the vehicle in bodies of Gostekhnadzor for the place of operation.


1. The complex has no analogs on ensuring optimum agrotechnical terms of application of fertilizers and means of protection of plants. Functioning with firm and liquid types of fertilizers and means of protection of plants on plants with height steblestoya to 0,5 meters on slabonesushchy soils, on fields with a difficult microrelief, and also directly on shoots of cultural plants without their damage is ensured.

2. An original wheel with the tire cover from the first manufacturer. The design is patented in the Euroasian patent department. A high resource of run (not less than 14 thousand hectares), the tire it is steady against punctures and high lateral loadings.

3. The compliance to the declared technical characteristics confirmed with operation within not less than 5 years.

4. Key accessories - from the leading global manufacturers: the turbocharged tractor diesel from the Kubota company (Japan), the membrane and piston pump Imovilli (Italy), the reducing Rauch mechanism (Germany), the Lechler sprays (Germany).

5. Ample opportunities on adaptation of the equipment to weather conditions and the required parameters of quality of processing.

6. Comfortable working conditions of the driver.

7. The modular design of cars (is patented): the processing equipment (a spreader of solid mineral fertilizers or a sprayer) on the monoaxial semi-trailer is aggregated with all-wheel drive two-axis power means in the self-propelled car with a wheel formula 6х4.

8. The drive from the power unit to wheels on hinges of equal angular speeds - a combination of reliability of a design and simplicity of service.

9. Environmental friendliness - decrease in harmful load of environment due to the maximum application of advanced technologies of introduction of pesticides at high working speeds.

10. Timely and high-quality application of fertilizers and pesticides at exclusive profitability guarantee payback of cars of a complex on 8-10 thousand hectares of the processed farmland.



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